SYNVO Speech Cloud

Speech Cloud offers a secure, scalable and worldwide responsive web-service with simple API that provides a broad range of polyglot, high-quality, natural-sounding voices.

  • Unique, sophisticated polyglot capabilities for processing mixed-lingual texts
  • Access to a broad portfolio of high-quality Text-to-Speech voices
  • High speech quality and accuracy
  • Support for various phonetic alphabets: IPA, X-SAMPA, TeleAtlas, Navteq
  • Security, scalability and fast response time, worldwide
  • Zero configuration - no hardware or software installation required


Polyglot Text-to-Speech

Speech Cloud supports automatic language identification and sophisticated polyglot speech generation of mixed-lingual texts for a broad range of languages.

High-quality, Natural-sounding

Speech Cloud based text-to-speech allows using large statistical voice models, regular lexicon updates and a semantic analysis on the server to improve overall pronunciation quality, speech melody and rhythm.

Zero Configuration

Easy to use API for C, C++, Java and HTTP

Audio Output Formats

OGG, MP3 with 16, 22 and 44kHz sampling rate

Speech Marks

Metadata allowing synchronization of text with audio, useful for text highlighting and lip synchronization